Greg Hawkins and the 100 Blackmen of Atlanta

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25 Years and Counting

Greg Hawkins and the 100 Blackmen of Atlanta

A Salute to the 2011 Man of the Year

By Kamille D. Whittaker

Greg Hawkins had only had his iPad for two weeks when Apple announced the inevitable upgrade. The iPad 2 comes complete with a camera and newer, better, elements of technology — everything that the inaugural iPad, well, doesn't. And though,in just a few weeks he's already noted the dramatic renovation to how he manages himself administratively — suddenly eliminating his need for a briefcase, portfolio and writing pad, and increasing the ease and synchronicity of checking e-mail, calendaring, taking notes in meetings, as well as reviewing and giving presentations —imagine, he posits, the expanded capacity of the latest version?

His planned technological upgrade parallels his own organizational ascendency:

The veteran food service executive, who has enjoyed a career-long climb in industries ranging from Wall Street to Public Relations and Government Affairs, Greg Hawkins is the new chairman for the 100 Black Men of Atlanta Inc. He joins an esteemed list of helmsmen who have kept steady the education-focused vision of providing support and improving the quality of life for Atlanta's African-American youth for the last quarter century.
"Our conversation, when we come together, is really about our students;
and we are driven by the fact that our students, despite the conditions that they face will graduate and be successful."

Atlanta Tribune:The word success is used abundantly throughout the organization's mission and operating philosophy. It's also the namesake of your flagship project —Project Success, a post-secondary preparation, educational support and tuition assistance program. But in this day and age

When the idea of success is often couched in materialism and excess, what is the definition that you impart unto your students? Greg Hawkins: I would define success simply as self-actualization. It's when you are doing what you're good at and what you have fun doing; and it is doing something that you personally feel is impactful. So, everyone's definition of those three items is going to be dramatically different. Success occurs when motivation and opportunity meet. Please, get the full article and become completely inspired by the 2011 Man of the Year Greg Hawkins.


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