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Website Packages
American Technologies has a goal to build 25 Complete Website Packages for 25 brand new clients
by the end of 2013. If you’re looking into building a professional business website and be ready to launch it in 2014, you have probably come to the realization that building a website is a complicated and time consuming process. Having a website developed by just anyone can be an assault on your vision, your time,
and most of all your BRAND if it’s not done correctly
We are determined to simplify the process for the next 25 people who don’t have the time, manpower,
or knowledge to build a professional website for their business.
There are many great ways to get a website for your business, but if your time and money is limited
like most business owners, you may be a great fit for our complete website packages. Unfortunately,
we only have room for 25 so take a close look today and see if this is right for you.

Reason 1: Low Start up Price

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a professional website and look like you are one of the “Fortune 500” companies. American Technologies will implement a professional design for you with a low startup fee. Look around the web and you won’t find many web designers or developers offering this type of product for under $5000. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to keep your website cost down. If American Technologies creates your website, be prepared for people to say to you, “You must have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on your website!”
With all this talk of low prices, We have to warn you that we do plan on raising prices for both the startup fees and the monthly fees after we reach the goal of the 25 clients. So make sure to lock in the lower rate and be ONE of the first 25 clients this year. The price will NOT go up for the first 25.

Reason 2: A Complete Website Package

In order to get a great American Technologies website, there are many pieces to the puzzle. You need a your domain name, website hosting, and then you still need the website uniquely designed, developed and managed. American Technologies will provide ALL of this for you, including ongoing management of your site and much more. We take care of the technical stuff for you so you can focus on growing your business.
We’ll do all of this for a low retainer price to get started and based upon which package you choose we can maintain your site with upgrades and training for your staff to help us build upon this hi tech content managed driven system.. When you consider what is included, this is a huge value. The process of design and development for many business owners can be very time consuming and take you out of your skillset just to represent yourself. You can probably see now that our offer has tremendous value, put your money into the marketing budget. The very first item on the budget should be a great responsive website that explain the details of what you do, encouraging a call to action from every prospect.

Reason 3: Beautiful Designs

A well-documented study by Google Research shows website visitors make a judgment of your company in less than .05 seconds based on aesthetics alone! A well-designed site conveys power, respect and knowledge. You need a team that dives deep into your business and understands the visual triggers that will engage your audience. For this service, you can pay tens of thousands of dollars, however, if you secure a spot as one of American Technologies’ clients, you will get a professional design implemented for a fraction of the cost of a custom design. 

Reason 4: Working with a website consultant

Other website design companies will just throw up your content on a website in the exact same form that it was given to them. The problem is – that may work for speeches and reports, but not for when you’re trying to sell. The client who prepared the content might not have much experience in developing content for the web that is clean and effective and it may not contain the necessary call to action. As a result, the final product suffers and the website is not as good as it COULD have been and may not serve your better purpose.
American Technologies will take the content you give us, make suggestions, and tailor it to create a website that communicates your vision or your business effectively on the web with conversion and "Call to Action"as the main goal.

Reason 5: Search Engine Marketing Expertise

If you want website traffic, you need to optimize your site for search engines, and American Technologies knows a thing or two about how search engines work. If you are one of our clients, your website will be built Search Engine Friendly (SEF) so that search engines can easily index your website quickly and know exactly what your site is about.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ongoing process of improving your website (on-page SEO) and increasing its popularity on the web (off-page SEO). This will result in higher rankings in the search engines and more traffic.
There are many free and paid methods of accomplishing off-page SEO. Since every business and website is unique, we will help you find the best ways to increase your search engine rankings in order to match your goals and budget.

Reason 6: Ongoing Personal Service

American Technologies is composed of talented, enthusiastic creative artists, application developers, audio/video engineers, I.T. professionals, and production managers. We have a lot of experience building websites and also marketing them online. Our goal at American Technologies is to make the dreams of our clients a reality, giving them the ability to do better business. 
With most web design companies, it would be rare to ever talk to someone on the phone. With American Technologies, you will speak to one of our experts personally by phone, email, or chat during the design process or whenever you need to make changes to your site.
We enjoy meeting business owners and learning more about their business and goals so we can create a website that will help them achieve those great business goals.

Reason 7: Conversion is the Goal

Since most web designers charge a flat fee to setup your website, they are interested in completing your website as quick as possible and moving on to the next client. That is not the type of relationship American Technologies wants with its clients. Our goal is conversion – which means converting your website visitors into customers, prospects, buyers, or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with your website.
Since we will be building a long term working relationship, we’ll be there to help tweak your website to achieve a higher rate of conversion. Your business is evolving all the time so you need a website that evolves along with it.

Reason 8: Our Wonderful Price Flexibility

American Technologies realizes that budgets change in businesses and there are times where you need to manage several budgets. That’s why we offer the flexibility to long term clients. Let’s begin with a very reasonable retainer fee to get you up and going, additional fees for continued growth and maintenance apply only after the initial development process has been completed. 
The “Plus” in “Hosting Plus” is the fact that American Technologies experts are still available to you whenever you need help with changes on your website. You’ll just have to pay our standard hourly rate if we are not in a maintenance agreement with your company. This is a good option for people who only need small changes to their website a couple times per year but don’t have the knowledge to do it themselves. If you do want to make edits to your websites on your own, you’ll be able to login to the website dashboard to make changes.

Reason 9: Using Google to Advertise

If you are looking for a quick way to market your products or business, then Google AdWords is a great solution. We can set up an AdWords campaign for you so you can begin making great money within days!
Once we have created your ad campaign and tested for 30 days, we will generate several reports for you to evaluate the progress of your new campaign. With this information you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your online marketing budget.
We have used these guidelines for creating successful Google AdWords campaigns for our happy customers. You too can quickly attract thousands of visitors to your web site or affiliate program and generate instant sales.

Reason 10: Bill Me Later

Simply choose Bill Me Later when you check out with our partner PayPal. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months.
Bill Me Later is a PayPal service that lets you buy now and pay later with a credit line that’s built into your PayPal account. When you choose Bill Me Later during checkout for your Complete Website Package, you submit your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number and accept the terms. You will receive a credit decision within seconds. Take advantage of the 6 months financing offer, simply select Bill Me Later as your funding method during checkout.

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