Media Editing Services

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As technology advances it has become easier, and more accessible than ever before to produce and distribute video content. No longer is it just marketing departments and major companies producing videos to promote services. Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Everyone in between are using video technology in creative new ways – to promote themselves and help others to see their vision.
Cinema Quality HD production is a key element of American Technologies’ comprehensive media production services. Video Media is rarely distributed as just a standalone DVD anymore. Most clients also want the media published in the context of a Website, or to be shown as part of a major presentation, or just inserted into a PowerPoint slide deck. American Technologies provides a mastery of all three delivery methods, plus our technical expertise, assure that your video will work as part of your comprehensive media messaging branding plan, regardless of the delivery platform.

Media Editing Services We Offer:

  • Video Clipping
    We can clip, edit or process videos into a single, cohesive final video for your marketing or advertising needs, including holiday or wedding videos.
  • Interview Videos
    We can script, record, and edit interview videos produced in-house or as part of a larger or more impromptu campaign for your business.
  • Corporate Videos
    From corporate meetings to conferences or training events, we offer comprehensive corporate video production and editing services.
  • Product Videos
    We can create for you a product demo video, product promotion video or product life-cycle video to promote a new or existing product for your company.

Why Outsource to American Technologies?

When you hire American Technologies, you get professional service from technicians devoted to exceptional quality and rapid turnaround time. Whether it’s upgrading to the newest video editing software so that our staff can produce top tier HD video for your next campaign or maintaining strict ISO quality standards to that nothing ever comes back late, we get the job done every time to ensure you have what you need.
Combined with our strict security standards designed to protect your data, and our ongoing commitment to top tier turnaround time, we are the company to call for all of your media editing service needs.
Contact American Technologies today to learn more about what we can do for you.