Strategic Marketing

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Strategy & Planning

Strategy is the foundation for each successful website, app and interactive project. 
Working closely with your team, we learn about your audience, goals and desired outcomes to create comprehensive, fact-based strategies that ensure positive user experience and quantifiably superior results.
  • UX design
  • technology planning
  • competitive analysis
  • implementation & integration


User Interface Design

We create intuitive and responsive user interfaces for all of our apps, websites and applications. 
With a constant focus on usability, we seamlessly integrate your brand attributes, 
messaging and value into the UI to ensure a positive user experience that is consistent across all digital touchpoints and devices.
  • UI design & development
  • Modular & scalable design architecture
  • OS, device & display adaptive
  • Mouse, keyboard & touch gesture driven
  • Rich media integration
  • Content management integration
  • Usability & accessability testing
Rich Media
Compelling content, immersive interactive and visceral video are part of a rich web experience which encourages users to engage,explore and interact with your brand. Specific benefits include improved brand recall and visitor retention time as well as increased trust and conversion rates.
  • Interactive 3d animation
  • Fullscreen, high definition video
  • Interactive mapping & graphing
  • Touchscreen adapative content
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Flash, HTML5, JS
  • Custom analytics